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everhart with the forecast. wyatt? >> [no audio] this is full screen. you can see what's going on here. the showers and thunderstorms cleared out waste the east. we have the rain up north here. you can see oxford cheering out a talbot county. the bigger storms shafted east look at the total more than 3 inches in wood vine. temperatures will be back into the lower 90s and they'll be less humid we'll talk about more, come hog up. >> you can track all of the storms on your cell phone.
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go to website, slash weather and there, you'll find the free app link. during this massive heat wave, pittsburgh who signed up for rewards, at timing it was when air was shut off. bge is rethinking the deal tonight. >> is the companies wants the customers to redo the thinking. many were out raged. that's what this is about here. we'll break it down to you about how it went down on friday. >> reporter: so, temperatures in the high 90s and a heat index above 100. it was not a day to be without one of these.
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with millions of customers trying to find out how to stay cool, all along the east coast, the company urged people to cut back so that the people have the system cycling. folks weren't happy. >> we received about 41,000 calls from customers. all of which, 2500 custer miss ask -- customers asked to be removed from the program. several asked to be dropped down a level. >> many of the rewards customers they thought they could opt out, if you're a rewards member, no. if something has changed,
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customers need to evaluate staying in the program or not. >> being in the program may have worked well for you perhaps before an elderly relative moved in first. there are a number of things we want to do. they say that the company will sending out letters to the people in the 100% range, asking them to review the participations. they were able to acaroid rolling blackouts that playinged the detroit area. jamie? well, we've learned, there's one or more people walking around the area pretending to be representatives. according to a woman, a man's been knocking on her door saying he was with them an that
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his bill wasover due. web, while bbe does collect door tour door, they don't take cash. also, make sure you ask for a company id with a bge logo and the person's picture on it. >> now, to the new developments of the case of a missing 7 month old. he's back home with his mom and father. the baby was found in d.c. along with -- 16-year-old boozer. the little boy is fine. the babysitter is a friend of the baby. >> whatever she deserves, point blank, she deserves it. she deserve worse if you ask
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me. she deserve what she getting. the police say she's a run away from a group home in town. the police have arrested two that killed two others today. they've been charged. the shooting took place sunday in the area of sanford lane in woodlawn. the police found a 22-year-old suffering from a gunshot wound to the torso and a 17-year-old with wounds to the head and chest area. they were rushed to shock trauma and the girl later died. two were arrested. the presidents are clanged with first degree murder and attempted first degree murder and handgun use. the second suspect is pending charges for first degree murder. >> we don't know what happened
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here. the suspects and the victims knew each other before the shooting. right now, they don't know the motive for the shooting. >> investigators are trying to find out if arson is to blame for two fires. the first fire started at 3:00 a.m. near fort detreat. the homeowner heard a loud bang. two firefighters were hurt, fighting the fire. the second fire happened 30 minutes later, 12 blocks away in 8th street. that resulted in minor damage. how about this, a south west plane had to make an emergency land anything north carolina after it appearing there was a fire. it went from birmingham to piedmont. a warning light indicated a
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fire in the cargo area. none another passengers -- none of the passengers were ended. this is a one day study by the state department of education to protect kids. 7000 drivers bypassed arms of school bus goal is to make sure your children can get on and off the school buses safely. the money is coming from the governor's office, used for police overtime along with public service announcements. >> in less that an hour, the first ceremonial hour of the grand prix will be put up near pratt and light street near the inner harbor amphitheater. racing walls will be placed
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along the two mile circuit. that's reducing the number of lanes on certain roads. >> around the time, your phone rings. someone's trying to get you to buy something. now, they've gone a step further, they'll interrupt your calls in your home. we'll explain how this is working. i hope we gave a little listen to this in wash watch. -- listen to this in washington. >> all right, 100 degrees. that was the old record just last summer. today, 91. that happened mid-day. so, 94, we didn't get there. no winner today. maryland's most powerful radar, clearing up for now we'll talk about that and when the heat comes back.
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is is
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the fbi arrested people linked to hacker's groups. their're injecting mall war into smart phone app is. that gets control of your texts and hundreds of thousands have fallen victim to the trick.
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voice mail is one thing, think about your banking information and working on corporate information via documents. that's all valuable. hackers are turning to mobile device. cell phone users should be cautious before they down loan a phone application. -- >> calls customer service is never fun. the latest scam means you'll be annoyed by the away time. scammers are busting into your calls getting your money. that's this week's scam alert. >> reporter: we're used to hearing about scammers who worm their way into your lives by dialing you. getting you to give up information. con artists don't have to place a call, they just bust into one you've made from a land line. this happens to you at home and your phone can be hacked in.
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>> reporter: they say it's hard to tell what's happening. the bbb is hearing complaints from the cable company. >> someone says congratulations, they're the 100th caller for the day or a time period and they 'won a prize. the prize in front of them is cash. people are very interested. >> reporter: of course, there's a catch, you have to give out your credit card number to cover $14 in shipping. >> if you have to pay up front to win something, it's not free and you didn't win it. >> reporter: instead, you could be a victim of identity theft. it could happen on any call placed on a hard line. >> it could literally happen anywhere. what we know is when they start one place and it works, they move on to others. >> making a move to interrupt your call and cost you money.
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>> the bbb says there's only be speculation so far about how scammers are able to hack into the land lines. they want your credit card information. if you end up with a call like this, hang up and don't hand over your card number. you can see all of the scam alerts and other ways to keep yourself from being ripped off by going to's scam alert link. that's under the money tab on the home page. all right, still tracking the wet weather on the eastern shore. no question about that. still tough travels coming through came bridge. -- cambridge. the storms aren't severe now. gnash that's good and a lot of this is heading towards the beach areas. chesapeake bay, clearing out. that's as you had heavy rain in
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kent island. that's all clearing out. that's good. we may see another little line this evening with the actual front. this is a prefrontal boundary. that will drop the humidity a lot. right now, the humidity has come up there's downpours and you get the steam effect. low 90s ere i leer today. steam released from the ground. as we look at some of the storms, they were heavy. heavy downpours here and skies still hazy out that way. a little clearing late in the evening. look at that field getting pummeled with heavy rain. pouparts of howard county getting two to three inches of rain. that's like the inside of two house. that will cause flash flooding. there's a big downpour in glen oaks.
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highs in the low 90s. this happened near midday. the downpours cooled us off nicely. 75 in easton. the temperatures may warm up a few degree. that's what happened in hagerstown. humidity high, you know, again, pushing 100% in most of the state now. we see improvement on the front. the main line of storms is through now. that's accept for the lower eastern shore. this is the last line and this is the front here. that's across southern pennsylvania and reaching down into western, west virginia. that's the relief that comes in for about two to three days, midweek before the humidity stores again. i have it labeled as cooler, but i don't have one that says dryer. it will be dryer. this is going to get pushed
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south as the area of low pressure pushes north. it will be a dry heat. you can see the dew points dropping into the north land. that's going to swipe down to maryland. then, it will be a steam bath thursday and friday. we have a few showers and thunderstorms to the east. that's for tuesday and wednesday. both days, we'll be pleasant and most days will be in the 80s. storms to the east tomorrow and 90, mostly sunny. tomorrow, around 68 tomorrow night. it will be pleasant compared to what we've had. i wish i could tell you, this would last into early august. it's back and forth. this is going to look hotty and muggy.
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>> i opened up a bucket of popcorn, i left it in the car and it was one block. eat it like an apple. that would have been bad. we're getting football. ravens are texing and try -- are texting and trying to shake things up. we're here with how it call finally came together. >> reporter: football fans, get ready, the official count down to the season has begun. now that a month long stalemate is over. representatives unanimously ratified a collective bargaining agreement monday. >> it's been a very long process since the day we stood here that night in march. our guys stood together when no
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one thought we would. football is back because of it. >> the final agreement resolves how $9 billion will be split between owners and players. it answers player concerns over health and safety and pensions for retired players. owners and players reps came together, calling it a fair deal. at the end of the day, we have something here. it will have the best interest of the national football league. >> the players have a matter of days to prepare for the preseason training. the ten year agreement means they'll focus on the field for the next decade. >> it's a great day. this is the day when the football gets back to business. they're more excited than going back to what they do the most. >> the signings could turn into fast track deal making.
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the week's first regular season game can start thursday, september 8th. all right, now, raven's fans, if you're wondering, the ravens indicated that training camp started wednesday and it will be at the team's facilities in owings mills. they won't be open to the public. i'm kelly swoope. you know, losing weight is will have -- losing weight is tough enough. what do you do with all of the skin? plus, you can pay less for big named prescriptions. 'll tell you when, those stories and more tonight at 11:00. realtime l the -- all right, the democratic senate and the house are on a collision course. they're offering two very different plans on how to raise the debt limit and the
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president asked for air thyme to explain what he wants to have happen the white house says that the gop plan isn't serious, there's no chance in the senate and the republican senator calls on the president not to veto the country into default. the democrats think that the republicans are trying to embarrass the president and his plan is the best. all of the talks are unnerving traders who sold risky stocks tonight president's speech is no night at -- is tonight at 9:00. the heat is over and the rain caused problems. how does the rest of the week look for us? coming up, we'll have the final forecast.
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i feel better already, don't you? >> i do, temperatures in the 70s. come on, i wish we could keep it going. we have downpours from caroline county and south of denton. most of it cleared out. tomorrow, a dry day and less humid. we'll be up around 90. most of the days in the 80s. the president's on at 9:00 here on abc2 news. your abc programs will be
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there. have a great evening, we'll see you tonight after extreme makeover.
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